Stephanie Taylor is a versatile, highly creative composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work has attracted a number of high profile clients in the world of TV and Film including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

Stephanie is best known for her work on one of the most watched new dramas on ITV in 2022, ‘Karen Pirie’, a 3×120’ drama series directed by Gareth Bryn (Line of Duty) and based on the best-selling novels from Val McDermid. 

Other recent work of hers includes the soon to be released ITV drama ‘The Hunt for Raoul Moat’, a new 3×90’ drama from World Productions (Bodyguard, Vigil), and recently released Sky Original series ‘Arctic from Above’; a three part nature documentary produced by Lion TV.

Stephanie’s style is eclectic yet established, and she prides herself on her ability to boost story immersion and compassion through her thoughtful and evocative scores.

Non-traditional from the very start, Stephanie’s musical awakening happened at just 1 year old when she discovered the ultimate toy: her Grandma’s analogue home organ. Music remained a source of fun over the years that followed, as she began her journey as a self-taught guitarist before she classically trained on the piano and voice. 

Stephanie’s raw musical talent allowed her to turn her hand to most new instruments with relative ease, notably, she was classically trained in piano for just two years before being awarded a place at Paul McCartney’s coveted Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where she studied contemporary music and composition. Before going on to truly master her craft with postgraduate studies at the world famous National Film and Television School, Stephanie refined her technical abilities through assisting Emmy and BAFTA winning dubbing mixers at a top Soho post-production facility. 

Stephanie’s musical style undeniably draws inspiration from her unorthodox beginnings; she is as comfortable with a guitar solo as she is with traditional orchestration, making for truly original musical palettes. This offbeat style is bolstered by her passion for building her own instruments – some of which show up in her scores. Stephanie’s inclination towards the tangible results in her scores eschewing samples in favour of layered recorded instruments. 

Other notable credits of Stephanie’s include the delicate defiance of BBC documentary, ‘Bad Love: Why Did Fri Kill Kyle?’, Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2022’s Best Supernatural Feature film ‘The Creeping’, and, the show on which she got her breakthrough, Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning ‘Grand Designs’. 

Outside of her work in Film & TV, Stephanie has a passion for Games and has worked on numerous indie projects, along with a soon-to-be-released turn-based game from an all-star team made up of minds behind Ghost of Tsushima and League of Legends.

Stephanie’s versatility has led to her working with the creative team behind Cirque du Soleil on permanent theatre installations, making music which gives visitors true immersive experiences.